Embroidered Silk Bandana | Pink

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In collaboration with Die Trying of Austin, Texas.

“Each DieTrying TX piece is created using the same hand operated vintage chainstitch machines that were used to create traditional western wear. While most embroidery today is computerized and mass produced, the work done on these vintage machines is hand done and made one piece at time.”

Naturally dyed with madder root to a warm tint, this madder hue is an earthy modern pink.   Rosey-Danna is printed by hand with a pattern inspired by Art Deco illustrator George Barbier, 18th century French textiles AND a border tribute to Indian woodblock printing.  Made from silk noil, a fabric with a slightly nubby texture that is naturally warm and wicking.  Yep! This one is a real trip.  

Bandana Details

  • 100% Raw Silk

  • Made in USA (California)

  • Approximately 20" by 20"

  • Hand wash in cool water with like colors

Naturally dyed color may vary across dye lots. Expect slight fading and patina over time, this is inherent to textiles dyed with plants and should be embraced. Variation in dye color, print, and sewing is testament to the handmade process. You can read more about how to care for naturally dyed silk here.