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Bandhani Scarf | Black Diamond on Silk


We have run out of stock for this item.

Tie Dye Scarf

Designed and handcrafted by heritage artisans in India using an ancient tie-and-dye resist technique called Bandhani.

Made from a lustrous silk satin with raw edge detailing. Bandhani is a very old technique stemming from the Indus river valley. It have been practiced in this region for thousands of years and is one of the oldest textile surface design techniques in India. Each dot you see is painstakingly hand tied with thread. This creates a resist for the dye. The tied piece is then submerged in a dye bath. After drying the threads are removed to reveal a pattern of resist dots. This process is repeated for for multi-color designs.

I bought these pieces directly from the makers in Kutch, India while visiting their workshop. Pricing reflects the density of dots in each scarf and a set pricing structure compatible with the international demand for this technique. We love to see it! I hope to work more with these artisans on exclusive projects for Last Chance Textiles. In the meantime I was thrilled to be able to purchase some of their ready-made inventory as a step towards building that relationship. I hope you like what I've brought back for y'all!

Curious about the story behind this process? Read more here.

Scarf Details

  • 100% Silk

  • Low Impact AZW Free Dyes

  • Textile made in India (Gujarat)

  • Approximately 43" x 45"

  • Dry Clean on Gently Hand Wash
Please Read

Each scarf bears the signature of the individual bandhani artisan’s handiwork. Your item will inevitably vary some from the picture. Inherent to the natural dye and handmade process are inconsistencies and variations. We ask that you view these not as imperfections, but as authentic markings of a traditional handmade process.