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Bandhani Scarf | Jelly


Tie Dye Scarf

Designed and handcrafted by heritage artisans in India using an ancient tie-and-dye resist technique called Bandhani.

Made from handwoven Peace Silk (non-violent silk). The silk moths are allowed to hatch out of their cocoon and live out a full, natural lifecycle. As a result of the cocoon hatch, the fiber is broken into shorter pieces and then handspun into yarn.

Curious about the story behind this process? Read more here.

Scarf Details

  • 100% peace silk

  • Natural dyes

  • Textile made in India (Gujarat)

  • Approximately 34" by 34"

  • Dry Clean
Please Read

Each scarf bears the signature of the individual bandhani artisan’s handiwork. Your item will inevitably vary some from the picture.
All naturally dyed items will fade and patina over time. When the scarf is still new, avoid wearing next to light colored items as sometimes the color can rub off. These are traits inherent to textiles dyed with plants and should be embraced.