Hammered Scarf Slide | Sterling Silver

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Silver Scarf Slides

A statement piece for your statement piece! Perfect fit for LCT silk bandana or larger scarf. The hammered sterling silver and detailed oxidation lends each piece a distinctive texture. Handcrafted by Richard Schmidt Jewelry, a three generation family business located in the historic town of La Grange, Texas.

TIP: These are a perfect snug fit for our silk noil bandanas. When pairing with our organic cotton bandanas or other thinner scarf tie a half/knot below the slide so it remains secure. The knot will be hidden behind the disc.

Scarf Slide Details

  • Sterling Silver and Turquoise (optional)

  • Handmade in Texas, USA

  • Front is apprx 1.75ā€ diameter.

  • Ring is 11/16ā€ diameter (the hole the scarf goes through)


  • These handmade pieces have a rustic quality and feature natural stones. Each pieces is unique in shape and texture. Your item will inevitably vary some from the picture.