Vintage Kantha Scarf  | Albie
Vintage Kantha Scarf  | Albie

Vintage Kantha Scarf | Albie

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Vintage Upcycled Scarf

Kantha is a folk art technique from the eastern regions of India and practiced by millions of women in southeast Asia. The term kantha refers to both the running stitch technique (used as both decorative embroidery and quilting) and the finished cloth.

Very often kantha is utilized to breathe new life into discarded saris and other textiles. Two layers are stacked and bound together with the kantha stitch, seen here in white yarn. It is the combination of handstitching and well-loved vintage textiles that give these scarves so much charm.

I sourced these from a vintage textile shop in Jaipur. I combed through huge stacks to select only the best of these one-of-a-kind scarves. What I love most is the fantastic textile designs and unexpected combinations that differ from the trends and sensibility we are accustomed to here in North America.

Please Note: These are in as-is vintage condition and priced to reflect the small imperfections found throughout. Expect well-worn pieces with small holes, fraying, marks, and other variations that show proof of a truly recycled textile.

Scarf Details

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in India
  • Approximately 18"" x 76"