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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Meet our Muses!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Meet our Muses!

Our gift guide this year was inspired by four archetypal characters, that help define Last Chance Textiles:

The Stargazing Dreamer, The Buckaroo, The Folk Art Freak, and The Camp Counselor.

I see a little bit of each of these personalities in my customers, in my family, and in my friends. It isn't something I typically talk about out loud. It is more like a gang of LCT muses that I conspire with when designing new pieces. In essence, they represent YOU and the loved ones you shop for when you shop with us.
I thought it would be a fun exercise to introduce you to my gang. Do any of them sound like someone you know?


For the 'Stargazing Dreamer'

The dreamer keeps their gaze skyward and dreams of possibilities and magic.  They are intrigued by life's mysteries and can see hope where other's see only darkness.  Give them something ethereal to match their guiding light!



For your 'Best Buckaroo'

A dauntless spirit who takes whatever life throws at them with grace.  They've been bucked off the horse a few times, but always find a way to dust themselves off and try again!  Acknowledge their tenacity with a nod to their cowgirl grit. 



For the 'Folk Art Freak'

A muse that sees beauty in the imperfections and marches to the beat of their own drum.  They are always hunting for a 'rare find' to distinguish themselves from the pack.  Find them something unique to wear with gusto!




For the 'Camp Counselor'

Your know the type, they are always roping you into some group hike or rainy day craft project.  You'd never admit it but you're thankful for their endless enthusiasm and knack for planning. Surprise them with a few of your own ideas, for once!



What do you think?  Did you recognize yourself or your bestie in any of these archetypes?  Do you have any suggestions of characters we could add to our motley crew?

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