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We make colorful bandanas and scarves that feel timeless yet super special. We utilize soft, high quality natural fabrics like organic cotton, naturally dyed silk, and handwoven khadi.


Our version of a traditional western 'wild rag'. Soft, hand-loomed mulberry silk in a variety of classy checks and gingham.

The super fine weave is feather light, creating an elegant silk scarf that provides warmth without the bulk.

Our Signature


Gorgeous hand-drawn designs printed on the softest fabrics and exclusive colors. Our naturally dyed silk noil bandanas keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat, while our organic cotton bandanas are timeless classics, you'll reach for them time and again!


Beautiful and well-made items plus kind and responsive customer service - what a dream! I have a cotton bandana and a slide and love both, and I am sure I will add to my Last Chance collection in the years to come.
Your raw silk bandanas are my favorite year-round! Wearing the pink right now in Iowa. They also work well in the hair - they don’t slide off as easily due to the nubby fabric nature, and can provide some sun protection
Probably one of my most worn bandanas- hiking, camping, making unwashed hair look presentable... this does it all. Washes up really well, super soft, and absolutely love the point. A classic!
- Malia
My mother gifted me two of your amazing silk bandanas. I have never been so in love with a bandana. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and they are the softest things I own. Thank you for making amazing products!
- Rosie
This is a lovely light weight but not flimsy cotton bandana. It's a great alternative to an all red bandana for a subtle pop of color. Last Chance bandanas are my favorite bandanas ever. I reach for them over and over.
- Melissa
I love my Bandhani Silk Scarves so much. I got two, and they're so supple, breathable, warm and make me feel like the real cowgirl I am.
- Betty
I went on a three week trip in Vietnam, and wearing my silk noil bandana was a joy. It kept me warm on the cold days, wicked sweat on the treks, and I used it as a mask on motorcycle trips.
- Tiffany
I recently purchased several neckerchiefs from Last Chance Textiles for a trip to Egypt. They are extremely colorful and durable. The fabric and patterns are unique and stylish. I look forward to future additions to my collection.
Wild Rags and The Cowpokes Who Love Them

Wild Rags and The Cowpokes Who Love Them

The Wild Rag is a larger, more elegant scarf most commonly worn by western range-workers.  It dates back as far as the mid-nineteenth century and is often cited as deriving from neckerchiefs adopted by cavalrymen in the Spanish-American War.
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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Meet our Muses!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Meet our Muses!

Our gift guide this year was inspired by four archetypal characters, that help define the Last Chance Textiles: The Stargazing Dreamer, The Buckaroo, The Folk Art Freak, and The Camp Counselor. Do any of them sound like someone you know?
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A Stellar Journey:  Connecting the Dots on Our Starry Bandanas

A Stellar Journey: Connecting the Dots on Our Starry Bandanas

A goal of each Last Chance design is to create something that feels timeless but also super special. I find inspiration from historical references (mostly textiles). One of the most exciting things about looking at these references is spotting similar motifs across different cultures and periods. When I spot these similarities, it’s like a constellation appearing just after sunset– I only have to connect the dots to create something new.
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What’s in a name? Probably lots of good stories and feelings, maybe some not much more than abstract notions, attached in all sorts of ways to that thing we’ve named. When I first moved to California I was really struck by the vastness of this American West. That first drive across the country and my earliest explorations of the mountains and deserts were peppered with signs that read: “NO GAS OR SERVICE FOR 100 MILES”. Something about retelling the tale of an empty gas tank with nothing around but empty road, and how you unstuck yourself somehow, will stir up a deep love for the great wide open west. I find myself making one last stop in the last little town on the edge of wilderness to pick up a box of matches, a fuel canister, some chapstick, or just an unspoken peace of mind that I know where I’m headed. It’s these places that have inspired the name. A Last Chance to gather the things we rely on, to trust what we’ve got and to be certain those things will be a part of whatever comes down the road.