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Care Instructions


Machine wash cold.  Tumble dry.  Hang dry for less wrinkles.


Hand wash or gentle machine cycle with cold water using a mild pH neutral detergent. Wash with like colors and tumble dry low. To keep your silk noil bandanna soft you can use a small amount of fabric softener or a dryer sheet or ball. It will also soften back up with wear.

If you’re wondering what a pH neutral soap is, “Free and clear” detergents, or hypoallergenic detergents are usually a safe bet. Even a small amount of Dawn dish detergent will work in a pinch (for hand wash only).

All natural fiber dyed fabrics will fade with time. Last Chance bandannas have been washed several times to rinse out excess dye and soften the fabrics. Natural dyes on the silk are prone to fading, we call this “Beausage” (Beauty+Usage). It is part of their charm.


Hand wash cold OR delicate wash in a mesh laundry bag and hang to dry. The handspun cotton will dry with a beautiful crinkle after wash. Leaving this as-is or pressing it out with a hot steam iron is totally a personal aesthetic choice.


If you can, we recommend dry cleaning these.  Alternatively you can hand wash in cool water with a mild soap or Woolite. (see above care for silk bandanas)  Keep the fabric moving in the wash bath.  Rinse very thoroughly and hang dry. 

To keep colors vibrant, wash with cold water and hang dry.