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Introducing the Blossom Bandana: Bursting with Floral Splendor from Days Gone By.

Introducing the Blossom Bandana: Bursting with Floral Splendor from Days Gone By.

A goal of each Last Chance design is to create something that feels timeless but also super special. I find inspiration from historical references (mostly textiles). One of the most exciting things about looking at these references is spotting similar motifs across different cultures and periods.  It’s that ‘aha’ moment when I can identify a common thread that was picked up where someone else left off. Sometimes these concepts arise isolated from one another other. More commonly, material culture projects our larger stories, clashing and melding through instances of war, greed, love, and ingenuity.

Join me for a trip back in time as we touch upon some of the interesting historical references I used to create one particular design. Step into a world of timeless elegance with our vintage-inspired Blossom Bandana. This exquisitely crafted accessory captures the allure of a bygone era, infusing it with modern versatility. Embracing the charm of classic bandanas and scarves, this unique neckerchief is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

Our journey into the world of bandana influences takes us back to the early days of Slavic culture, where the ubrus, a kerchief-like head-covering, held the attention of women. Over time, the ubrus transformed into various kerchiefs, veils, and shawls, becoming an integral part of women's headdresses in Russia and eastern Europe.

Fueled by a combination of Indian+Khasmir influence and the adaption of several printing processes, in the late 19th century Russian kerchief designs rose to a crescendo of floral-packed compositions and colors (up to 60 in one design!).

As I set my intentions on creating bountiful bouquets, I searched for another design reference that could help me create a more graphic two-color bandana design-leaving the other 58 colors for another day!- I found no lack of detail in cut paper work.

Although this craft originated in China over a millennium ago, I looked to examples in the British vernacular around the early 1800’s.  Particularly charming are works by Elizabeth Cobbold, who made original cut paper works for the Annual Valentine Ball her family hosted. 

Every florist knows that a stunning bouquet requires texture and detail to create depth and visual interest. Guided by this wisdom, I ventured into the realm of French prints and delicate laces, carefully selecting the finest twigs and tendrils. These influences firmly root our Blossom bandana in the motifs that graced early Americana kerchief designs, infusing it with timeless beauty.

With its burst of floral splendor and meticulous craftsmanship, the Blossom bandana is a testament to the artistry that transcends cultures and eras. Crafted from soft, high-quality organic cotton, it not only enhances your ensemble with captivating beauty but also reflects a commitment to sustainable fashion.

Embrace the vibrant charm of the Blossom bandana as it breathes life into your style, paying homage to the rich history of bandana artistry. Let its dazzling blooms and intricate motifs become a symbol of your individuality and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Unlock the charm of the Blossom Bandana and let its vibrant floral design become a signature piece in your accessory collection. Whether you're a fan of vintage fashion or simply appreciate the versatility of a stylish bandana, this unique neckerchief is sure to become a beloved staple in your wardrobe.


I’m excited to embrace this timeless trend and add a touch of floral elegance to my style. Kudos for bringing such a delightful piece to our attention!

Your work and research inspires me!

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