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Combo: 1 Silk and 1 Cotton

$89.00 $94.00

Why Not Try Both?

Get the both of best worlds with our Signature Combo! Try the lightweight absorbent organic cotton bandanas on a hot summer's day and the cozy silk noil when the temperature drop. No doubt you'll find use for both in your routine.

Use the drop-down menus to choose any two regularly priced LCT Signature bandanas (ONE COTTON + ONE SILK). See product photos for a quick reference thumbnail

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Love these scarves. The color if beautiful and I get compliments every time I wear them.

Seneca Harberger
Great Bandana Packs

Soft fabric, rich color, and great designs! The only issue is I keep giving them away and then needing to get more because I feel left out.

Angus Wilkinson
Bandaa of Choice

Deliciously soft fabrics, contemporary colours combined with artisanal craftsmanship make these the perfect bandana. They are the perfect accessory to uplift a look and still look great after washing. I’m grateful for the outstanding customer service and sales. I will definitely buy again. Kudos to the LCT team.


Fine, but not worth $30+ each none of the 3 bandanas I purchased were actually square.

Hi Craig,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I'll explain why we have a tolerance for 'less than perfect square'. Due to shrinkage, sewing, and the lighweight fabric easily pulling off grain, it is nearly impossible to sew a perfect square. Other bandana companies solve this problem by using an excessive amount of chemical called sizing. It is like a starch that is applied in the weaving process, the downside is that it leaves a stiff and rough texture that takes a long time for the customer to wash out. You will notice a lot of cheaper bandanas have this. In my conversations with customers, they tell us high quality fabric and a soft hand-feel are #1. Therefore, we choose to forgo the excess sizing (which is usually synthetic chemicals). The trade-off is imperfect squares. But beloved vintage bandanas are rarely perfectly square either. After the sizing washes out they settle back into an imperfect shape. I'm sorry these didn't meet your expectations and needs this time.

Ramble Cactus Combo

I love this combo! I ordered the Ramble Cactus cotton bandana & slide. The color was absolutely perfect; just as pictured. The combo is offered at a fair price and have many unique colors and prints. I purchased this as a gift for a friend and will be ordering another for myself. Also enjoyed the minimalist plastic -free packaging and quick shipment.