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Holiday 2023 Gift Guide Collection

From luxurious wrap scarves to embellished bandanas and DIY kits, we've got plenty to give.  Browse our gift guides help you pick out the perfect present!


Order by December 10th for Custom Embroidery
Order by December 17th for Everything Else

Local Pickup will be closed Dec 20 - Jan 3

Shop by Personality

Our archetype gift guide. I see a little bit of each of these personalities in my customers, in my family, and in my friends. In essence, they represent YOU and the loved ones you shop for when you shop with us.

Do any of them sound like someone you know?

Inspiring gifts for that person in your life who's always wishing on a star.

They are intrigued by life's mysteries and are endlessly dreaming of what can be.

Give them something ethereal to match their guiding light!

Gifts for your friend who's really been through it, but always finds a way to dust themselves off and try again.

A dauntless spirit who takes whatever life throws at them with grace.

Acknowledge their tenacity with a nod to their cowgirl grit.

This friend is a rare find and we've got gifts to match!

A muse that see beauty in the imperfections and marches to the beat of their own drum.

Find them something unique to wear with gusto!

Shop for the friend who is always around to cheer you up!

Blessed with endless enthusiasm and knack for planning, they always have something fun up their sleeve like a new hiking trail or rainy day
craft project.

Surprise them with a few of your own ideas, for once!