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Blockprint Scarves

Wood block-printing by hand is a centuries old tradition in India.  Although all hand block printing is beautiful, much it is produced in great volume.  At Last Chance we take special care to work with select studios in India that work in small batches and with a unique point of view.

Shaivyya Gupta is a textile artist in Jaipur who brings her artistic view point to our collaboration with a focus on special compositions and color layering that take extra care and precision while printing. You'll notice all of these scarves have borders, overlapping layers, or color shifts that slow the printing process considerably.

Sufiyan Khatri is a 10th generation pratictioner of Ajrakh block printing. Sufiyan workshop exclusively uses natural dyes and a collection of traditional ajrakh motifs which are rooted in geometric Islamic designs.  Many of the designs from this workshop are one-offs or very limited runs.


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