Painted Lonestar Tee

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Hand painted with a bold cobalt blue starburst graphic. The back of each tee is painted one at a time with a handheld airbrush and stencil set. This technique allows for a lot of play and variation, so each tee is unique. The front of the tees are hand screen printed with our spectacle logo.

This design was based on my drawn studies of 8 pointed star quilts. This pattern transcends multiple cultures and generations across North America, making it one of the most recognizable and enduring quilt designs. The quilted technique utilizes rings of contrasting fabric diamonds to create dazzling depth and movement. My intention was to create a similar optical effect in monotone, achieved by gradients within each diamond. Watch a video of the process here.

Tee Details

  • Unbleached Cotton (Natural off-white with flecks)

  • 5.4 oz, Preshrunk

  • 100% US Grown Cotton

  • Made in California, USA